Manpower Support


We have an energetic team always open to challenging new ideas we pride ourselves in delivering a distinctive customer experience creating partnership with substance and building good relationship through employing.

  • Highly skilled staff
  • Best practice methodologies
  • A commitment 10 customer service
  • Strong relationships


We undertake sourcing of suitable Candidates as per the Client’s requirement through our network of universal Associates. These employees are chosen for their technical expertise, hard work and ability to work under difficult conditions. Currently our strenght is more than 400 employees. We have Concrete, Well-defined systems in place to facilitate the recruitment of Personnal from India, Nepal, Philippines, Srilanka & Bangladesh. To ensure the best manpower is available our employees undergo Training. In house employee training facilities include :


Safety is RIGHT TEK WLL ‘s main priority and over the past years we have continued to focus on convalescing the safety system, we follow and train our work force on site and environmental norms. Health and safety at work site is a concern distressing all business. Implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system is now a legal requirement in many countries. We are following the same QUALITY. RIGHT TEK WLL undertakes the Quality Assurance Measures for verifying or influential whether in services meet or exceed customer pontential, seperate welding station, Electrical sections, Piping & scaffolding etc are just few to mention in the long list. All the stages, our emphasis is always focused on Client Satisfaction. For this we obtain periodical feedback & reports on the performance of our manpower from the client which is then analysed for improving the performance. We have a team of Marketing Executives, Coordinators and Operation executives and managers who keep a watch on the  daily mobilisation of workers and track all workers is issues from the labour camp.


Dedicated to create an infrastructure with the support of our highly motivated team that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We provide the highest quality of services, abide by our contractual libilities to their entirety and adapt to our customers’ needs. Our ethics, Integrity, honesty, fairness and reciprocated respect are at the heart of our company. We persuade openness, team-work and trust. Excellence – we provide excellent services consistently, we set high standards, we apply advanced technology and we thrive on challenge and accomplishment, Our Responsibility we invest in long term relationships based on trust and we adapt to customer needs, Safety we fulfil the highest standards and have zero accidents as our unwavering goal, Sustainability we respect the environment, support innovation & contribute to the communities by apply instrategic, long-terms corporate social responsibility programs.

Vision & Value

We understand that you requirements are unique, We tailor our recruitment solutions, coordinating the experience of knowledge based consultants who have direct industry experience which enables them to be completely in tune with your requirements and understand your business They have been professionally trained within the recruitment processes and best practices to provide high level of service necessary in today’s market sectors. This holistic approach, combined with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, proves extremely effective in helping both clients and candidates to become more successful.

We pioneering the industry with Technological guidance, Operational brilliance, vibrant workforce and ground breaking business relationship, this breadth provides growth opportunities and valuable experience. Our investment in human resources in a cleaner environment in health and safety, but also in our relation with society, is part of our company’s initiatives, which are incorporated in RIGHT TEK WLL long-term corporate social responsibility program. We honor our commitments and serve the properties entrusted 10 us professionally in order to preserve and enhance their value as well as prolong asset life.

Our ethics, Integrity honesty, fairness and reciprocated respect are at the heart of our company. We persuade openness, teamwork and trust Excellence, we provide excellent services consistently. we set high standards. we apply advanced technology and we thrive on challenge and accomplishment. Our Responsibility we invest in long term relationships based on trust and we adapt to customer needs, Safety we fulfil the highest standards and havezero accidents as our unwavering goal. Sustainability we respect the environment. support innovation & contribute to the communities by applying strategic. Long terms corporate social responsibility programs.

Our Human Resources - (WORKFORCE)

All of us in Right Tek WLL strongly believe that in order to ensure a successful future for our dymanic company we depend upon our employees – that means upon each other our to reach our full potential. 
Our values define our mutual responsibilities and we consider as one of our highest priorities to educate, motivate and support all our employees by

  • Helping employees to develop professionally and personally
  • Hewarding performance
  • Engaging with employees openly
  • Supporting sports activities
  • Full Fledged Transportation Services to client site comprising of 48 + vehicles.

Project support with Workforce

We do work very closely with many manpower agencies in catering for quality Workforce, which will meet the demands of the local market. We have an extensive pooling of manpower reverse from which human resource requirements could be steadily drawn to meet the demand of its clients. We are a fast growing agency with a dynamic group of highly qualified professionals who were trained to meet whatever requirements of our customers. Together we are a team of over 1400 staffs including Engineers, Foreman, Safety Officers, Skilled Labourers, Certified 6G welders, Brazer, Plumber, Pipe Fitters, Fabricators, Electricians, Duct Insulstors, Pipe Insulators, Rigger, Lifting supervisor and all are well experienced in various segments of the different industries. We are supporting projects with work-force, Landscaping, Industrial & Civil constructions, maintenance, painting, waste management and security service with leading International companies and various departments in Qatar.